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EKM.CO is the best place to discover new techno music. We have been delivering the best techno songs to our readers for over a eleven years now, from the early days of Carl Cox and Josh Wink to new techno artists like Kevin De Vries, SWAYLO, Moonwalk and Colyn.

We feature the best techno songs from techno artists like Maceo Plex, Stephan Bodzin, Adam Beyer, Pleasurekraft, UMEK, Teenage Mutants, ANNA, Pan-Pot, Wehbba, Thomas Schumacher, Eats Everything, Charlotte de Witte, Alan Fitzpatrick, Bart Skils, The Yellowheads, Mark Reeve, Julian Jeweil and many more. If you like this genre of music, or if you are not familiar with it yet, you will find the best tracks that will make you fall in love with it. We do not only feature techno artists that are at the top of the scene but also the best up-and-coming artists.

We feature music from the most popular record labels like Drumcode, Stil Vor Talent, Filth on Acid, SubVision, Nervous Records, 1605, Silent Storm, Kraftek, Agile Recordings, Rekids, Suara, Octopus Records, Terminal M, and many more!

If you are not familiar with techno music and where it comes from, it is an electronic dance music genre with a tempo that varies between 120 & 150 bpm and has a 4/4 structure. It originated from Germany and Detroit, USA in the 80s. Detroit techno was born with the sound of artists like Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder and Yellow Magic Orchestra who also added heavy synthesizer and pop elements to the techno genre. It was influenced by African American styles like house music, disco, electro, and funk. The music produced in the late 80s by artists like Juan Atkins, Eddie Fowlkes, Derrick May, Blake Baxter and Kevin Saunderson created the first wave of techno from the city of Detroit.

After the success of house music in Europe, techno followed its lead and became popular in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands. The genre quickly evolved and in the 90s we witnessed the birth of many subgenges like acid techno, hardcore techno, and dub techno, just to name a few.