Alex Stein unleashes the bass-heavy Techno banger “Crank”

Alex Stein unveils his first original song of 2024, the new bass-heavy and dark Techno banger Crank via Factory93 Records.
Alex Stein unveils his first original song of 2024, the new bass-heavy and dark Techno banger Crank via Factory93 Records.

The new 2024 Alex Stein and Factory93 Records song is the latest release on the label that has recently brought you tracks including POPOF and Mauro Somm’s Welcome To The Future, Weska’s Depot, Space 92’s Apollo, and Nicole Moudaber’s Reasons To Love You. The track is called Alex Stein – Crank, and it’s a new bass-heavy and dark Techno banger that’s bound to please both hardcore and casual fans of the genre.

Alex Stein – Crank wastes no time in setting the pace, beginning with a heavily EQ’d rhythm that soon pulses and throbs its way to the forefront of the song. Enter some growling bass and some atmospheric clicks and clanks, and before you know it the song has grown into a full-bodied Techno track just brimming with tension. This feeling is enhanced by a synth that slowly escalates in tone, reaching a crescendo around the three-and-a-half-minute mark when the drop finally hits. And although even one minute can seem a long time when you’re waiting for that much-anticipated beat drop, Alex Stein – Crank certainly makes the wait worthwhile, unleashing an intense minute’s worth of gritty bass and fast-paced rhythms framed by more of that gradually escalating synth. 

Few will deny that this new 2024 Alex Stein & Factory93 Records song puts its own spin on traditional Techno, focusing less on the beat drop and more on the journey it takes to get there. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though, and most will perceive the record as a new bass-heavy and dark Techno banger that perfectly represents what Factory93 Records is all about. 

If you’re after a little more information about Alex Stein, meanwhile, we know that he’s a Brazilian-Bavarian producer who is currently based in Berlin. We also know that he’s a big fan of touring, having played in countries as varied as India, Canada, Argentina, and the UK in recent years. He’s been putting out a lot of quality releases this year – and now he can add Crank to that list too.

Stream Alex Stein – Crank on Spotify below!

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