Weska drops new monster Techno banger “Depot” on Factory 93

The new Weska & Factory 93 song Depot brings a banging, bass-heavy Vocal-driven Techno music sound for the upcoming 2024 festival season.
The new Weska & Factory 93 song Depot brings a banging, bass-heavy Vocal-driven Techno music sound for the upcoming 2024 festival season.

Weska has dropped his first club-ready Vocal Techno music track for 2024 titled Depot under the Factory 93 label of the Insomniac Music Group. Weska previously teamed with Factory 93 to release his EP of driving Techno music titled Meru. The new single Depot follows a busy 2023 for Weska that included the release of his Our Precious Gems, Pt.2 EP, as well as handfuls of singles that included the 14th installment of his Wave series of songs that are inspired by his love of surfing. This new Weska & Factory 93 song is an early candidate to receive bountiful plays across the Techno music festival realm for 2024.

Weska – Depot constantly builds its energy with satisfying results. The track opens by establishing its drum groove along with its catchy vocal loop that is present throughout most of the song. While there is no established bass line to the song, the low-end presence is still there in an innovative fashion by Weska’s use of looping red noise. The energy established from those components is then taken up a level from two different contributors. First, a rough-edged industrial bass drone enters the scene periodically which will shake the floor you’re standing on. Secondly, a series of rising synth chords also enter taking the track to its first gratifying climax. Following this climax, all sound in the track cuts out except for a four-hit count-off from a punchy sonar-like synth patch that leads to a gratifying drop that reestablishes the earlier groove made up of the drums, vocal loop, and red noise.

The second time through the main groove of Weska – Depot has the vocal loop slightly muffled using a low pass filter which allows the industrial bass drone to take center stage above the drums. Again the groove goes through its progression as the rising synths again appear taking the track out to one final climax and bringing this epic first Weska & Factory 93 release of 2024 to an immediate end. This energizing Vocal Techno music track will have a strong representation for the 2024 festival season and is available now for your immediate listening on the platform or app of your choosing.

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