Christian Löffler new upcoming US/CA Tour + Y (ft Mogli)

Christian Löffler is going on a US / CA 2024 tour for his album A Life & we are thrilled to feature his most requested track Y (ft Mogli).
Christian Löffler is going on a US / CA 2024 tour for his album A Life & we are thrilled to feature his most requested track Y (ft Mogli).

Lifted from his 2024 album A Life, Christian Löffler – Y (ft Mogli) is the most requested live single from the renowned German DJ and producer’s latest album, whose sound encompasses elements of House, Ambient and Techno. In support of the album, which was released in April this year, there will also be a Christian Löffler US/CA 2024 tour, which starts in Los Angeles on the 5th September and finishes on the 15th of that month at the renowned open-air venue Brooklyn Mirage in New York. With Löffler renowned for his captivating live performances, this tour will be a must-see for all House and Techno music fans, and will no doubt replicate the success of previous tours the artist has undertaken. 

There is also much to celebrate about Christian Löffler – Y (ft Mogli), a single that only adds to the impressive reputation the artist has been carving out for himself within electronic music for fifteen years. Blending breathy synths with Techno rhythms and the ethereal tones of German singer Mogli, the track is a five-minute rush of escalating euphoria, eventually exploding into a mass of exhilaration in its final minute. It’s true, Christian Löffler – Y (ft Mogli) is not a House or Techno track in the traditional sense, but it successfully combines elements of these genres with an overt warmth and spirit that sees it take on a distinctive sound of its own.

Indeed, this description could apply to much of the new 2024 Christian Löffler album A Life, which features 11 tracks that follow in a similar vein to Y (ft Mogli). Further standouts include melancholic instrumental opener When Everything Was New, as well as the title track, another fresh instrumental seemingly built around a feeling of euphoria.  No doubt the artist will be playing these tracks and many more from the new album on his upcoming Christian Löffler US/CA 2024 tour, alongside old fan favourites including Ronda and Pastoral

Stream Christian Löffler – Y (feat. Mogli) on Spotify below!

Stream the Christian Löffler – A Life album on Spotify below!


  • 09/06/2024 VICTORIA B.C. :: UPSTAIRS
  • 09/07/2024 VANCOUVER :: COMMODORE
  • 09/08/2024 SAN FRANCISCO :: THE MINT
  • 09/12/2024 CHICAGO :: CHOP SHOP
  • 09/13/2024 TORONTO :: ANNABEL’S
  • 09/14/2024 MONTREAL :: SAT

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