nilsix blend Dark Trance & Melodic Techno on “Burned” [July 19]

nilsix (Orjan Nilsen & Mark Sixma) blend Dark Trance & Melodic Techno music on their evocative new song "Burned" via Dreamstate Records.
nilsix (Orjan Nilsen & Mark Sixma) blend Dark Trance & Melodic Techno music on their evocative new song "Burned" via Dreamstate Records.

nilsix (aka Orjan Nilsen & Mark Sixma) unveiled a new single blending dark Trance and Melodic Techno music in a vein that’s not dissimilar to artists like UUFO, Frank Spector and River. The duo’s sound is entirely their own, however, as proved by their new song on Dreamstate Records, titled nilsix – Burned. The track is dark, evocative, and impeccably produced, with airy pads and atmospheric synths sitting perfectly alongside gritty bass and relentless beats.

As such, the dark Trance & Melodic Techno music fans amongst you will instantly love this track. It’s certainly on the heavier side but also features some intriguing melodies that balance things out, as well as some energetic builds ups and drops that encompass just the right amount of dynamism and potency that you’d expect from a new nilsix & Dreamstate Records song. Elsewhere, rattling basslines and unabating beats ensure that nilsix – Burned never loses momentum, keeping up a solid pace as it propels its listeners through its three-minute duration. 

Another significant part of the track is its inclusion of vocals, something that’s a little unusual for both Orjan Nilsen & Mark Sixma and the material they often make as nilsix, as well as dark Trance & Melodic Techno music in general. Perhaps even more unusually, the vocals don’t actually enter until about halfway through the song, by which point the dark but danceable feel of nilsix – Burned has already been established. Subsequently, when they do finally enter, the vocals add an extra layer of intrigue to the song, uniting its fresh, spacey synths and gritty beats by binding them together with a strong melody. 

This new nilsix & Dreamstate Records song is undoubtedly amongst some of the most esteemed dark Trance & Melodic Techno music released this year so far. Combining classic elements of the genres such as memorable melodies and a dark undertone with their ear for potent, dramatic production, Orjan Nilsen & Mark Sixma will be well on the way to firmly establishing themselves as the duo nilsix on the EDM map if they continue to release tracks like Burned.

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