Music Submission

Music Promotion EKM

Here’s a breakdown of the music promotion package we offer, since we invest our time and resources to promote your music, we require a donation for this service.

For only 29$, you will receive:

  • A Review Article about your release on EKM.CO
  • Social media shares to more than 150 000 followers.
  • Your song reposted to 150 000+ followers on Soundcloud

Investing 29$ is a very small amount to pay to expose your music to our fans, record label owners, EDM networks, PR companies, and other artists.

Don’t hesitate to reach out on messenger or via email @ electrokillmedia[at]gmail[dot]com if you have any questions. Make sure the title mentions “EKM.CO MUSIC SUBMISSIONS FORM” (same for Facebook).

Who follows EKM?

Here are a few big influencers that follow our social media accounts:

The Chainsmokers following EKM.CO on Soundcloud

Diplo following EKM.CO on Twitter

Inluencers following EKM.CO on Soundcloud