T78 drops savage Acid Techno remix of “Push To Start”

The new T78 remix of Noizu & Westend's Push To Start (ft NOME) brings an absolutely savage Acid Techno sound for festivals in 2024!
The new T78 remix of Noizu & Westend's Push To Start (ft NOME) brings an absolutely savage Acid Techno sound for festivals in 2024!

For those on the hunt for some savage Acid Techno music that is sure to make appearances at big Techno festivals in 2024 and on prominent playlists, you’ve found it here with Noizu & Westend (ft NO/ME) – Push To Start (T78 Remix). The original track was released earlier this year on Insomniac Records, and offered a winning mix of hypnotic vocals, energetic beats, and memorable hooks. This new T78 remix for 2024, meanwhile, takes these fundamental elements and gives it a fresh, undeniable intensity that is impossible to ignore. If this remix is playing, the chances are it will get your attention and you’ll find yourself listening. 

As indicated by its title, the track wastes no time in getting started, beginning with an attention-grabbing beat that soon makes way for NO/ME’s striking, fast-paced vocal. “This hypnotic / this robotic / pull the plug and push to start it”, the Israeli-American artist sings in a deadpan voice that makes a perfect foil for the track’s otherwise insane energy. “Pick a step / disregard it / push my button / push to start it” she continues, as the gravelly synth in the background gradually begins to take over and the singer’s voice becomes fragmented. By the time the track has reached its halfway point, it is almost a wall of noise, a room-shaking combination of uncompromising bass and a melody that utilizes repetitiveness to its strength.

Due to this repetition, Noizu & Westend (ft NO/ME) – Push To Start (T78 Remix) might not be a track for everyone (particularly not the faint-hearted) but even those who aren’t huge fans will agree that it is a force to be reckoned with. In fact, this new T78 remix bears all the hallmarks of classic, savage Acid Techno, and as such is almost guaranteed an airing at Techno festivals in 2024.

If you can’t wait until then and you’re hankering after more music from these artists, check out Noizu’s Middle, or perhaps Dombresky, Noizu and Reblok’s track Revival from 2021, both of which we are big fans of and have been covered on the blog.

Stream Noizu & Westend (ft NO/ME) – Push To Start (T78 Remix) on Spotify below!

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