Dark Heart returns to IN/ROTATION with the peak-time “Error”

Dark Heart returns to IN/ROTATION Records with the new high-energy, peak-time and driving Melodic Techno music opus "Error"!
Dark Heart returns to IN/ROTATION Records with the new high-energy, peak-time and driving Melodic Techno music opus "Error"!

Dark Heart – Error is the latest track from the artist who describes himself as “a former Hollywood talent agent who left the movie business to make music and change the world”. His real name is David Thomas, and alongside this new Dark Heart & IN/ROTATION song, his impressive run of recent releases (including Amnesia, Energy, Dust and The Time Is Now) as well as the fact he has support from big names like Diplo, Adam Beyer and FISHER, means that with every step this artist takes in his career, it seems as though he really does come that little bit closer to altering the world of EDM as we know it. 

This release, Error, meanwhile, makes for a dark and brooding three-and-a-half minutes, beginning with a minute of grumbling, groaning bass, and tentative melodies before exploding into a full-blooded Techno track. Once the groove has been established, more layers are gradually added, and by the end of Error, the track is positively bursting with bold brushstrokes of electronics and gritty synth lines. Its cold ending comes almost unexpectedly, ensuring that listeners are left wanting more rather than feeling that the track has overstayed its welcome. 

Bubbling with a cool, sinister energy and benefitting hugely from the artist’s unmistakable clear, crisp production style, Dark Heart – Error is another entry on the list of stellar releases that David Thomas has delighted fans with recently. As the new Dark Heart & IN/ROTATION song, we knew that Error was going to be good, but once again this artist has proved that he is able to surpass expectations, even when his standards are already so high that he’s previously been recruited for production duties by the likes of Martin Garrix and Dizzee Rascal. This is a track that will be appreciated by existing Dark Heart fans and Techno-lovers alike; despite its title, there isn’t an error in sight.

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