Weston & Teston drop “Pornstar” on Danny Avila’s label

Weston & Teston join Danny Avila's label MAINSTAGE TECHNO with their new dark and driving 2024 Techno music song Pornstar.
Weston & Teston join Danny Avila's label MAINSTAGE TECHNO with their new dark and driving 2024 Techno music song Pornstar.

A new 2024 Weston and Teston Techno song is here! It’s called Weston and Teston – Pornstar, and it’s now available on Danny Avila’s label MAINSTAGE TECHNO which caters specifically to those who love their rave music. The track is also lifted from the Canadian Techno duo’s EP The Inception III (their second EP release of the year following Control in January), and is the latest in a long line of upbeat, energetic releases that they’ve put out over the last few years, including Feels Like Home, The Return EP and their remix of Olivia Rodrigo’s Deja Vu. As you’ll discover from the first listen, Pornstar is an intense, fiery track that feels like a natural predecessor to these previous releases.

The song begins with some gradually escalating synths backed by a simple but impactful bassline, descending into a full-blooded Techno build-up as the vocals enter and take centre stage. “Can you feel me?” an enticing, breathy female voice asks, before the track picks up the pace and drops to a solid, pounding beat with that same bassline throbbing away underneath. As the vocal drops in and out, some higher, whirring synths take its place, setting the stage for another rousing build-up and effective drop. In face, the dynamic created by the frequent changes in tension probably defines this new 2024 Weston and Teston song, leaving the listener feeling as though they’ve been taken on an adrenaline-fuelled rollercoaster ride by the time the track reaches its end. 

This should come as no surprise, however, from a duo as accomplished as this pair. In fact, although Weston and Teston – Pornstar has only been out for a matter of days, the track has already garnered acclaim from numerous fellow artists including Marie Vaunt and Nostalgix. Given that the track is out on Danny Avila’s label MAINSTAGE TECHNO, we can also assume Avila is a fan – and who can blame him? The track is both commanding and potent, and will surely continue to remain a standout moment in Weston and Teston’s discography for many years to come.

Stream Weston & Teston – Pornstar on Spotify below!

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