Eli Brown & Lilly Palmer unleash the “Gasoline”

Eli Brown & Lilly Palmer joined forces to unleash their banging new 2024 Techno song Gasoline on Insomniac's Factory93 label.
Eli Brown & Lilly Palmer joined forces to unleash their banging new 2024 Techno song Gasoline on Insomniac's Factory93 label.

Fellow DJs / producers Eli Brown and Lilly Palmer bring their first collaboration track together following a history of coheadlining shows together. This 2024 release by the duo is pure high-energy Techno music and is titled Gasoline. Insomniac’s Factory93 label is releasing this new Eli Brown & Lilly Palmer 2024 song and is a fitting landing spot for it because Brown’s Escape EP was one of the first releases put out by the label back in 2021. Eli Brown & Lilly Palmer – Gasoline will captivate you with its mix of Techno leads and voice drop focuses while also dazzling with its ability to build up and release energy through its top-notch risers and turnarounds.

Gasoline opens with a booming industrial drum groove accompanied by a syncopated lead synth looping over it. Shortly after establishing the groove and lead, a voice drop that will be featured throughout the track comes into focus as a low pass filter on it is eased off slowly adding clarity. Following the introduction of the voice drop another round of the looping syncopated synth lead occurs which features a different timbre this time around. Bass swells now also enhance this second go around of the Techno goodness. At the tail end of the second round of the Techno lead section, the voice drop arrives once again still muffled by a low pass filter. Brilliantly, the filter immediately jumps to the groove muffling it instead as the voice drop returns as the main focus.

Next, a bass swell cancels out the groove entirely leaving a solo voice drop focus. The last words uttered from the voice drop start repeating and then join in tandem with a satisfying drum riser that leads back to the drop of a four-on-the-floor kick drum accompanied by the returning voice drop. Another bass swell leads to the return of the syncopated lead synth now accompanying the repeated voice drops. Once more, another bass swell again cancels out the lead synth. One final epic drum riser in tandem with the repeating voice drop then makes way for one final drop of the groove which again features an entirely different lead synth Techno melody. Eli Brown & Lilly Palmer – Gasoline then concludes with one final playthrough of the industrial groove with bass swells and ends on one final bass swell.

We expected some hard-hitting Techno music with this 2024 release of the new Eli Brown & Lilly Palmer song on Insomniac’s Factory93 label and it delivered. These expectations were built off of previous releases by Brown including the dance-evoking Tech House track Desire, the smooth-sounding Melodic House and Techno track Immortal, and his dark and cinematic song and video in collaboration with Talk Show titled Trouble. Brown has found another worthy collaborator for 2024 in Lilly Palmer as their track Gasoline provides the high-energy Techno music sound that we have been yearning for.

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