Madame Electrifie unveils the bass-heavy new single “Fine”

After a busy and standout 2023, Madame Electrifie returns with the bass-heavy, driving, deep and techy new song Fine.
After a busy and standout 2023, Madame Electrifie returns with the bass-heavy, driving, deep and techy new song Fine.

Madame Electrifie (real name: Jo Burns-Russell) is no stranger to the music industry, having been performing as a DJ for nearly 20 years at venues like Ministry of Sound and Turnmills, and festivals including Glastonbury, Shindig and Bestival. Now she’s releasing her first single of 2024, Madame Electrifie – Fine, which follows on from two exceptional singles last year (Tension and Our Love) and carries her trademark funky, bass-heavy sound.

Right from the start of Madame Electrifie – Fine, you get the impression it’s a very stylish song, crafted by someone who likes to do things a little bit differently. The single’s cover art really adds to this feeling too, featuring a fern green background, and an elegant woman dressed in red with her face covered by flowers. The music itself is equally stylish and elegant, focusing on a vocal sample that features the words “everything’s just fine”, which is in turn built around a subtle but effective mixture of claps, a solid four-on-the-floor kick drum beat, and the ebb and flow of sparkling synth sounds. Clocking in at around five minutes, the track has plenty of time to develop this relatively simple formula, and by the time you’re about halfway through, it starts to develop a feeling of tension, partly on account of the repetition of the vocal sample and the slow but palpable layering of the synths and percussion parts. Once the drop hits, however, Madame Electrifie – Fine starts to build up again into a danceable, Techno-influenced track, with the spacious, reverb-heavy production at this point really lending it a feeling of openness that will ensure it’s received well at festivals and other live events.

Essentially, this track is proof (if it was needed) that Madame Electrifie really knows what she’s doing. Although Fine is based around a few relatively simple elements, the melodic flourishes and spacious production that the artist employs means that it gradually blossoms into a hypnotic, addictive track that makes a stylish addition to her discography.

Stream Madame Electrifie – Fine on Spotify below!

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