Best of [TRAP/BASS/TWERK] Week 42 Part 1 – Major Lazer, Trillwave and More!

First of all I need to apologize for the lack of updates in the past week, I’ve been going from hotel to hotel in Thailand and couldn’t get a proper internet connection or enough sober time to create a kick ass playlist for y’all! Now I’m “almost” settled down so expect a lot of new music this week! Let’s start with Part 1 of our most popular feature “Best of [TRAP/BASS/TWERK]”. This compilation is a real orgy of different subgenres of Bass music, massive freebies by Trillwave, Kilomash, Buzz Junior, 2Deep, Corrupted Data, Digital Purps, NYMZ, Ricky Vaughn, Sayer, Chilton Classic, Sami, Vass, Major Lazer, Mr. Sir, Choppa Dunks, Victor Niglio and $yrup. You know what to do, share/like/tweet/show some love if you dig the free music! Stay classy Electrokillers!

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