[INDIE ELECTRO] Marcio Lama VS Franko Ovalles – Super Raccoon (Original Mix)

What is Super Raccon? Super Raccoon is the tale of Mr. Super Raccoon Man, who valiantly died while rescuing a neighbors cat off a tree. Funny story? Parody? But how would you describe it musically? Super Racoon has to be the most unique and out of the box release here at Electrokill Media. Marcio Lama teamed up with Franko Ovalles to give us an Indie Electro jam like you’ve never heard before. Everything about this song is next level, the vocal, the sampling and the groove, especially the groove! It has already proven to be a dancefloor killer, with elements that reminds Indie Dance productions like Duck Sauce and Madeon, while keeping the Electro elements always dominating, get ready for something awesome, fresh and new! Grab it now!


Click HERE to download
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