Sogen unveiled their captivating conceptual album “You’ve Got Me”

Auryn Waring and Rick Goddard formed the new electronic duo Sogen and unveiled their captivating conceptual debut album You’ve Got Me.
Auryn Waring and Rick Goddard formed the new electronic duo Sogen and unveiled their captivating conceptual debut album You’ve Got Me.

Sogen is a new chill and ambient electronic music duo consisting of musicians Rick Goddard and Auryn Waring. The two producers have just premiered their first album titled You’ve Got Me. The album went through a recording process in the tradition of the band The Postal Service and their highly acclaimed album from 2003 titled Give Up as it was done all remotely with Goddard contributing while on location from Mexico, Japan, and Vancouver, and Waring contributing while on location from London and Shanghai. Sogen – You’ve Got Me is a welcoming debut album as the musicians have created a world of mingling melodic percussion instruments enhanced by eclectic percussive grooves and enchanted by ambient ear candy galore across the album’s eleven tracks.

Screensavers, the album’s opening track, was a great introduction as it telegraphs the sound of the album to the listener with its previously mentioned mix of percussive melodies, grooves, and moving ambiances. The album’s second track titled Won’t Cry takes the energy up a level following a lengthy introduction that is first built around a reed organ-like synth lead melody over another unique Lo-Fi groove. Next, the signature mix of percussive melodic instruments takes over the melody continuing the introduction as busy auxiliary percussion is also added to the groove before an ambient lull brings an end to the introduction.

The main melody section that follows the introduction of Won’t Cry takes you on a pleasurable stroll as melodies and countermelodies call and answer to each other between the reed organ-sounding lead synth and the pitched percussion instruments that were both established in the introduction. Enhancing this joyful section even more are upward-moving synth flutters that give the listener the feeling of having just leveled up as a human being. If you are in the mood for some low-end end, the sixth track from Sogen – You’ve Got Me titled Omiyage should fulfill that need. Again, the track features a mix of in-motion mixed melodic percussion instruments and now a throbbing bass underneath the melodies is constantly pushing that motion which gives the track a feeling of flight and wide-eyed observation.

A musical video representation of the full album is also available with the album’s release that provides moving visual art portraying the themes of each track that is created by New York-based artist Alex Futtersak. The art themes created by Futtersak throughout the music video are based on video game graphics of the early 2000s as viewed through a digital matrix-like simulation. All together, Sogen – You’ve Got Me satisfies throughout its musical journey which can bring about unique meaning to the listener on their own, as well as the discovery of its true meaning per the composers as portrayed through its visual aspects.

Stream the Sogen – You’ve Got Me album on Spotify below!

Watch the Sogen – You’ve Got Me (Full Album) [Official Audio + Animation] on YouTube below

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