bioPrism unveils his deep & immersive 2nd EP “Anthropocene”

bioPrism takes us on a deep, immersive and transporting musical journey with his blend of Ambient, Techno, and IDM on the Anthropocene EP.
bioPrism takes us on a deep, immersive and transporting musical journey with his blend of Ambient, Techno, and IDM on the Anthropocene EP.

Lansing, Michigan-based producer Josh Epperly has just unveiled the second EP from his electronic music project bioPrism with his unique blend of Techno, IDM and Ambient music. This new EP is titled Anthropocene and like his first EP from 2023 titled Liminal Space, its concept is influenced by his work as an ecologist. While Liminal Space was focused on the restorative potential of nature, Anthropocene has a view from the opposite end of the spectrum with a focus on the impacts of climate change on the world. For the bioPrism – Anthropocene EP, Epperly has created a sonic destination where the life processes of Earth are represented with more natural instruments and sounds while the synthetic instruments fittingly represent the synthetic non-natural components that contribute to the destruction seen from climate change.

The first track on the EP titled Monoculture is quick to establish the roles between the natural and synthetic instruments as an exotic and meditative living ambiance welcomes the listener at the track’s introduction which is made up of didgeridoo drones and field recordings. Then, rhythmic elements from tabla drums and didgeridoos are what set the song in motion. Booming synthetic basses are next introduced to the track as the intensity gets greater as the synthetic instruments continue to drive it forward.

Throughout the EP the instruments continue to play their roles to perfection as also seen on the second track titled Neon Mirage where two collaborating synth loops participate with one providing a rhythmic aspect and the other a melodic motif. While the EP portrays dark themes, you will find that the tracks are easy on the ear and super catchy with mind-etching and captivating qualities. Unique melodies continue to enhance the recurring soundscape made up of the tribal drums and atmospheric ambiance that include a pitched percussion melody found on the track titled Dream Decay, and a guitar breakdown section heard in the fourth track Doppelgängers.

The final track of the EP is titled Monuments In Ruin and is the darkest track of the album as it is made up of synthetic industrial ambiance and processed electric guitars. As a whole, the bioPrism – Anthropocene EP brings about a mix of powerful and mesmerizing moments outlining the beauty of Earth and the threat of unreversible destruction to it if inaction persists. We highly recommend listening to both bioPrism EPs back to back starting with Liminal Space and followed by the newly released Anthropocene to gain an appreciation of what the world offers as well as an awareness of what threatens it in the form of a sonically pleasing package.

Stream the bioPrism – Anthropocene EP on Spotify below!

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