Danny Olson & Synymata – Lose It All (ft Casey Cook)

The new Danny Olson & Synymata song Lose It All features Casey Cook‘s vibrant vocals and one of the most inspiring cinematic Future Bass / Melodic Dubstep music instrumentals that’ll keep your spirit high for the upcoming 2023. The structure of the monumental-sounding track gives all the involved artists a spotlight, but does that in a natural, seamless way, without stealing the impact and tension carefully put together using sound-design and production tricks.

Prior to the new collaborative effort, both, Danny Olson & Synymata had big songs released in 2022 titled Night Falls and Guilty respectively, and the L.A. songwriter Casey Cook was staying under the radars with impressive features on numerous Pop EDM & Dubstep bangers. Lose It All feels like an accumulation of all the vigor and spectrum of idiosyncrasies that characterized the previous releases, but put into a much more delicate, detail-oriented packaging.

The intertwining of the larger than life digital sound design with the smoothness and dynamic fullness of the acoustic instruments plays a huge part in that. On Lose It All, apart from strings and keys – more or less common instruments used in the music of Danny Olson & Synymata, the cinematic percussion and Casey Cook’s vocal performance are two crucial factors in building the sense of scale and tangible impact on the Future Bass / Melodic Dubstep release, that sounds like it’s made for the upcoming flips and remixes in 2023. Especially during the culminating parts of Lose it All, when those two clash with the cement-hard digital drums and waves of distorted synth melodies. If you’re impressed by the epicness of this collaboration, make sure to also check out Hollow, Like Water, Potions, and Hard Not To Let You Go to dive deeper into the sonic universe of the producers.

Stream Danny Olson & Synymata – Lose It All (ft Casey Cook) on YouTube below!

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