Nadav Dagon – Rainbow (ft Daniella Tourgeman) (MV)

For those who appreciate deep & hypnotic Organic House music with stylish visuals, the trippy vibe on the new song and music video Rainbow by Nadav Dagon, head of Circle Of Dreams, ft Daniella Tourgeman, allows immersing into inimitably vivid sonic microcosm that’ll leave a long-lasting impression on the mind. The conceptual women-empowering track features an extremely colorful and texture-rich production, that perfectly corresponds with the title.

The visuals of Rainbow also explore colors and texture, heavily augmenting the ideas and concept behind the Beit Oren-born producer’s track. The fact that Nadav Dagon is a skilled drummer makes the nailing of the rhythm-section of the song something the fans would expect to be there by default. But on the new track the producer’s hunger allows us to enjoy an additional intricate layer of melodic movements which, at some points, get so dense, that the listeners are left with no choice but to drown in the music and perceive it as a unified flow of energy. And, as it is true for the aesthetic parallels between the new Nadav Dagon & Daniella Tourgeman song and its music video, it’s also true for the way the latter feels once the listeners are caught in its flow.

The audible spectrum that allows the deep & hypnotic Organic House song to make a Rainbow that arches from the speakers and goes all the way to the displays, where the music video unfolds, is made of minimal synths, as well as samples of acoustic instruments and passionate vocals, respectively played, sang and spoken-word by the Ein-Hod-based producer. And, since the conceptual focus on Nadav Dagon – Rainbow (ft Daniella Tourgeman) is also empowerment, the expressive and groovy approach to that is a great way to amplify this message.

Watch the Nadav Dagon – Rainbow (ft Daniella Tourgeman) official music video on YouTube below!

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