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NYC-based artist CID & Insomniac Records present Hold Me Close, a new banging mainstream Tech House song with cozy vibes and catchy melodic collages melting into one another with an organic feel. After the GRAMMY-nominated artist’s prosperous year full of genre-bending tracks, Hold Me Close sounds like the proper way to wrap it up, while keeping the fans excited for more explosive releases in 2023.

It seems like CID follows a concrete pattern on the new song in terms of sound design. While separately most of the elements sound like they have nothing in common, the combination of those on Hold Me Close make it seem almost like a conceptual release. The vocals alone on the new CID & Insomniac Records Tech House song can be divided into 3 different layers each treated in a completely different way. For example, the slightly pitched main vocals have a weird combination of compression and modulating effect on them, making them sound as if they’re being sung inside the head of the listeners, while the surrounding vocal samples that have less spatial processing become a kind of percussion that supports the drum-section of the instrumental.

The latter, perhaps, is the most raw-sounding element on Hold Me Close, but CID still manages to bring some impact and groove to the drums by careful treatment of the low-end. The banging, nearly heavy-sounding beat, as a result, feels like it would be a better fit for a less experimental mainstream song with House vibes. However, once you hear how CID samples the breathing of the vocalist and uses it as a transitional effect that transforms into sounds reminiscent of bubbles moving to the surface of water, it’s hard to not be impressed how such metamorphoses sound so natural on a classic House beat.

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