Best of [TRAP/BASS/TWERK] Week 40 – Kendrick Lamar, Tom Ford and More!

Time to drop some mad gangsta beats! Another week, another insane Trap playlist! You already know these compilations combine Twerk music, Trap music and other subgenres of Bass music, even Hip Hop! However there’s something special about today’s episode, two “Breaking Bad” Trap songs including one with the famous “Jesse Pinkman” “BITCH!” sample! Gotta love it! Here’s who’s featured in this playlist: Willy P, Trzza, Nas, Captsis, Katy Perry, JayKode, LL Cool J, Mace, RawRisk, The Real Boss, gLAdiator, Tropkillaz, Kendrick Lamar, Star Destroyerz, N1xx1n, Jay-Z & H3. All free downloads, no exception! Feedback is always welcome and mad respect for likes/tweets and shares, we would be nothing without you guys! Share the good music!

If you missed last week’s Best of [TRAP/BASS/TWERK] episode, check it out now!



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