Best of [DUBSTEP] Week 40 – Sub Focus, 3LAU and More!

It’s Dubstep time fam! A lot of interesting Dubstep music came out this week compared to last week! I’m happy we can cover pretty much every spectrum of Dubstep music in one playlist, chillstep, brostep, heavy banging dubstep and other subgenres that probably don’t have a name yet! This great compilation of Dubstep and Drumstep freebies features: Karmin, The Noisy Freaks, Singularity, Lumberjvck, Nate Dub, Protohype, Basstrick, Ben William, Culture Code, 3LAU, Paris, Simo, Hambooger, Bright Lights, Syris & Sub Focus. Make sure you check out the Sub Focus minidocumentary at the bottom of the post and if you didn’t grab his new album yet, do it now! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the music!

If you missed last week’s Best of [DUBSTEP], check it out now!

Sub Focus Live – Behind The Scenes Documentary


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