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hyperforms - Always Gone is OUT NOW! This new hyperforms & DEKTORA Hardwave / DnB song is a powerful new festival bass music anthem!
hyperforms - Always Gone is OUT NOW! This new hyperforms & DEKTORA Hardwave / DnB song is a powerful new festival bass music anthem!

After a series of Hardwave bangers like lonewulf‘s Penumbra, Deadcrow‘s Crush and Bafu‘s Ether, DEKTORA goes into a more optimistic direction, but maintains its distinct Sci-Fi-inspired vibes. The new hyperforms & DEKTORA Hardwave / DnB song Always Gone is an animated and colorful festival bass music anthem with the Finland-based producer’s signature futuristic sound.

It seems like the motion and dynamics are something central to the music of hyperforms. This is even reflected in the title of last year’s single MOTION and its intense remix by SBU. Just like with MOTION, everything on Always Gone is about moving forward and constantly accelerating on the way.

The song starts with a heavily processed vocal sequence that sounds like it’s been sampled off of a Chinese toy cellphone from the 90s. Once you get acclimated to the gleaming, neon-infused production, the track smoothly transitions from the Wave-ish intro to an 808-fueled Trap and then goes on as a D&B banger. The forementioned vocal sequence intertwines later on the drop with an ethereal lead-synth melody that sounds piercing but, aided by the bass, weighty at the same time.

Even after this metamorphosis, hyperforms – Always Gone is not taking the easy paths. Soon after the bass attack we get on the drop, the melody gets filtered away and the rattling D&B drum-section breaks onto the stage. It’s a transition that feels like a start of an acid rain, with the first drop being the warning thunder. All the elements of the instrumental suddenly get silent, giving the listener a chance to drench themselves in the cyberpunk atmosphere of the song. This levitating section of the new hyperforms & DEKTORA Hardwave / DnB song also helps to highlight the culminating ending of the track.

However, with all its variations and progressions, hyperforms’ new release on DEKTORA has an unmistakable banger-quality to it. It’s a bright and intense new festival bass music anthem that celebrates eclecticism, but stays an ideal party track at its core.

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