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helloworld - dive in is OUT NOW! This new helloworld & Bassrush Trap/Wave song will be part of the upcoming new helloworld EP!
helloworld - dive in is OUT NOW! This new helloworld & Bassrush Trap/Wave song will be part of the upcoming new helloworld EP!

The new helloworld & Bassrush Trap/Wave song from the artist’s upcoming EP is the next burst of insanely catchy skull-piercing digital grooves after the producer gave us the warning signs. In the best traditions of helloworld’s releases, dive in is a kaleidoscope of grooves that seamlessly flow one into another, creating the satisfying feel of a self-resolving jigsaw puzzle.

It’s a track that’s focused on absorbing any noise on its path and turning it into a rhythmic pattern. Each sample and synth-melody heard on the song, after catching the listener’s attention, spirals, or, given the context, dives in-to a hypnotic cadence that is danceable and interesting to explore at the same time. This is mostly thanks to the diversification of sounds used as rhythmic elements and the clarity of the latter. dive in sounds more polished and detailed when compared to the artist’s previous works like nowhere left to hide or Something I Can’t Change.

On the other hand, the goals he is trying to achieve on helloworld – dive in and the mentioned tracks are entirely different. While, for example, the instrumental part of Something I Can’t Change is focused on creating a colorful futuristic atmosphere with purposefully naive melodies that accompany the vocals, dive in is focused on crushing everything in its path with the brutal energy of a cyberpunk rave.

Despite this, the new helloworld & Bassrush Trap/Wave song doesn’t completely move away from the abstract dimensions of the previous releases, sculpted by the innovative usage of digital sound by the artist. However, the sense of place is less surreal on dive in. While there’s a “floating”, abstract quality to the vocal samples and synths, most of the time the drums and other rhythmic elements sound like they’re being played in an abandoned factory squatted by robots. With each single, the hype for the new helloworld EP is growing, and so does the perceived musical pressure and impact. This makes one wonder how all of this tension will be resolved on the artist’s next release.

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