Die Arkitekt – Julian (ft Lena Platonos) | Music Video

The Greek producer & DJ Die Arkitekt joins forces with Lena Platonos to bring us a soul-stirring and adrenaline packed single entitled Die Arkitekt – Julian (ft Lena Platonos). Die Arkitekt made a name for himself by combining electronic and classical components to create his own style in Techno. In this new Die Arkitekt & Lena Platonos song, the artists use their music to send out a message about the paralyzing effects of mental health issues. It is exceedingly creative and inspiring to put such an important issue into a song and present it to an audience in the way they have done it. Furthermore, this haunting tune also comes with a new dark Techno music video for us to experience, directed by Vangelis Fantopoulos. Without delay, let’s dive into their tenebrific world!

As soon as the song starts, you feel a tension like someone is chasing you. The new Die Arkitekt & Lena Platonos song is filled with a brisk, anxious aura. Indeed, this ominous vibe is formed by dreadful synths, horrifying string hits, and ear-trembling basslines. Combining these melodic elements with Lena Platonos’s captivating vocal delivery will surely give you goosebumps. Moreover, with a nimble kick and snare arrangement and high-speed percussions, the energy on Die Arkitekt – Julian (ft Lena Platonos) is kept high from start to finish. Hearing the melodies and drums together almost feels like a heart beating at dangerous speed. Additionally, the new dark Techno music video by Vangelis Fantopoulos perfectly reflects the aura of the song. With sinister visuals and hypnotizing movements, the forbidding energy completely matches with the song, and it truly feels like a horror movie (one you definitely never seen before)!

Die Arkitekt wanted to express his own mental sufferings on this release, and musically speaking, he has possibly done it in the best way with this outstanding composition. Besides this, being able to use music in such way is truly powerful and influential. Make sure to experience this journey below, because every bit of it is thrilling and memorable!

Watch the Die Arkitekt – Julian (ft Lena Platonos) music video on YouTube below!

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