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helloworld - warning signs is OUT NOW! This new helloworld song and Bassrush Trap release seriously pushes the boundaries of the genre!
helloworld - warning signs is OUT NOW! This new helloworld song and Bassrush Trap release seriously pushes the boundaries of the genre!

helloworld’s bitcrushed warning signs is a proudly digital and clipping-loud Bassrush Trap banger that sounds like it’s sampling a fiber-optic cable, in a delightful and infectious way. It’s a constantly evolving and morphing 4 minute chiptune insanity that’s as catchy as it’s raw. This new helloworld song takes the artist’s most radical sonic experiments to their extreme while still keeping the song catchy and extremely entertaining.

The artist stays true to the signature songwriting strategy implemented on nowhere left to hide and Something I Can’t Change. Namely, the unpredictability. As the song progresses, the beat keeps swerving, shapeshifting and transforming. A dangerous trap many newcomers fall into, in the hands of a skillful producer, this trick can become the ultimate secret weapon. And that’s the case with this new helloworld song. This Bassrush Trap release is not trying to be unpredictable for the sake of being unpredictable. Every beat change, drop, bleep and bloop on warning signs is deliberate and a result of a conscious decision. A win-win choice that makes it impossible to be bored with the artist’s sound.

As a result, helloworld – warning signs effortlessly grabs the listener’s attention. However, this โ€œeffortlessโ€ vibe is only on the surface. On the deeper levels of warning signs, we find layering and a refined sense of rhythm and groove. This is especially impressive, because this new helloworld track sounds more stripped down and minimalistic than any of the artist’s previous works. The mixing is another impressive aspect of the track. Despite the incredible amounts of distortion and bitcrushing, warning signs somehow manages to sound clean.

The reason may lie in the fact that helloworld doesn’t shy away from digital processing like many other artists do. There are no attempts to make the sound artificially “analog”. On the opposite, the artist celebrates the digital age and makes the flaws of digital processing work in favor of his sound. In that sense, helloworld’s work can be viewed as a direct continuation of the legacy of the best glitch-hop acts from the mid 00s.

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