[DUBSTEP OVERDOZE #40] Slander, Matta, Lazy Rich & More

12 tracks, 12 free downloads! Dubstep & Drumstep, heavy + glitchy + trappy with a zest of Hip Hop, all of these elements are featured in this episode of Dubstep Overdoze! A great variety of many different styles of Dubstep you can find, Dubstep is more than Skrillex you know ;). On the menu: Getter, Rednek, Centox, Jarvis, Slander, Trowa, Matta, Lazy Rich, Hirshee, Amba Shepherd, Jakub Brynda, Kayzo, Omeguh, Motion and Manipulation, Levitate, c4g, Ring of Death, The Sounds, Sentahs, KillFac3 & A.G. Trio. Dubstep ain’t dead!

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