Dreamers Delight returns w/ brand new album “The Observatory”

Dreamers Delight returns with his blissful & ethereal Bass-heavy signature sound with the album
Dreamers Delight returns with his blissful & ethereal Bass-heavy signature sound with the album "The Observatory". Truly a Dreamer's Delight!

Dreamers Delight is Reed Krafft, a Denver-based artist known for his euphoric, psychedelia-tinged electronic musings such as The Journey, Visions, Cascade, and Carbon. Now he’s just released a mammoth 15-track album, Dreamers Delight – The Observatory, which in the artist’s own words takes “listeners on a journey through the lens that humans get to experience from the largest cosmic scale to the quantum, microscopic level”.

The album starts off with a powerful opening statement titled Quantum, which is bound to get listeners’ imaginations fired up with its swirls of ethereal vocals and bold synth patterns. In fact, if you were to look at the album conceptually, this would be the track that sees listeners falling into a spectacular star-filled universe created by Krafft, ready to experience everything the forthcoming musical adventure has to offer. Another highlight is the curiously-titled Tale of the Owl, a short, surreal track that begins with a spoken vocal; “freedom is a choice and yet so many people decide not to be free…”, the half-distorted voice declares. It is creative decisions like this (the inclusion of spoken word segments, that is) that also add to the unusual but ultimately alluring feel of this album overall, placed as they are in a way that draws us further and further into the world presented by Dreamers Delight – The Observatory. The penultimate track Feel It is also worth a mention, given that it takes a less abstract approach and sees Krafft moulding deep-seated rhythms with delicate, rippling melodies. It is one of the many tracks on Dreamers Delight – The Observatory that is a testament not only to its composer’s versatile compositional talents, but also to his imagination. With this album he has created what truly feels like a journey into an imagined cosmos, and one that fans will no doubt want to take again and again.

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Stream the Dreamers Delight – The Observatory album on Spotify below!

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