Quackson goes HARD on his new face-melting single “Ignorant”

Quackson is back and starts 2024 with the dark & intoxicating face-melting Dubstep music song Ignorant via Bassrush Records!
Quackson is back and starts 2024 with the dark & intoxicating face-melting Dubstep music song Ignorant via Bassrush Records!

The man behind Quackson is Jackson Wells, a DJ and producer who is also known as a founder of Seattle-based collective Waves Presents. His new song and first Quackson release of 2024 is titled Ignorant, and it builds on the precedent set by previous records released by the producer such as last year’s singles Floating and Imposter. In the past, Quackson himself has said that he wants to warp the brains of his audience and throw “an eerie yet grimy twist” on the Dubstep movement with his music, and Quackson – Ignorant does exactly that, giving listeners a slice of dark, face-melting Dubstep music for 2024.

Clocking in at just under three minutes, the record is short, sharp, and brutally effective, underpinned by its use of heavy, gritty bass synths over classic Dubstep rhythms. Indeed, following the song’s numerous drops, these bass synths become almost relentless, pummelling your ears with their dark, uncompromising sound before letting up the pace ever so slightly as the track moves into another skilfully executed build-up. To add to the dark feel of the track, the producer also throws some sinister but memorable melodies and ghostly, heavily reverbed vocal samples into the mix, giving Ignorant an eerie feel from the start that continues until its climactic finish. Essentially, Quackson – Ignorant is not a song for the faint-hearted, but diehard Dubstep fans will love its haunting melodies, distinctive vocal samples, and overall intense feel. This really is dark, face-melting Dubstep music for 2024 – listen if you dare!

Along with this huge start of 2024 for Quackson with this new song, here at EKM we’ve also previously covered two of the Seattle-based producer’s other singles, namely Promise Me and Sweet Dreams which were both released in 2020. Go ahead and check them out if you’re after even more of Quackson’s inimitable, room-shaking brand of electronic music.

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