Blakeley – Caffeine & Nicotine [Indie Pop / Rock]

Blakeley - Caffeine and Nicotine - Indie Pop - Rock
Blakeley - Caffeine and Nicotine - Indie Pop - Rock

Blakeley – Caffeine & Nicotine” is an extremely catchy pop/rock song with an amazing fun 90’s vibe. It is so playful, it has that bubblegum pop feel mixed with the energy of Surf Rock and a hint of 90’s grunge music. The Brooklyn artist doesn’t sound like any other artists we’ve heard recently, she has a rebellious, raw and radical attitude and a unique sound that successfully balances EDM, folk, pop and rock. The fun/entertaining side of the song is precious, it is something that rock music tend to forget about way too often, and it is where Blakeley’s music shines.  “Caffeine & Nicotine” is her latest opus but worry not, she will be back this winter with a fresh EP. Make sure to follow her on social medias to stay up to date with her tour dates and new releases.

Stream “Blakeley – Caffeine & Nicotine” on Soundcloud below.


More about Blakeley:

Blakeley is a chameleon-like songstress whose bold crossover compositions merge elements of folk, EDM, and rockabilly pop into tracks that sound like a marriage between confessional poetry, deep house, and effervescent guitar twanging, all of which guide her cutting voice as she probes the absurdity of topics as diverse as Edward Albee plays and online dating.

Blakeley writes, produces, and performs her work in a variety of mediums. She is currently at work on an EP with Happy Hound records, set for release at the end of 2017. You can find more of her music, videos, and galleries on her official website.