Brainheart unveils motivational “How To Live” w/ Lord & Land

The new Brainheart and Lord & Land song "How To Live" brings an emotional and inspiring blend of EDM and Electro Pop music!
The new Brainheart and Lord & Land song "How To Live" brings an emotional and inspiring blend of EDM and Electro Pop music!

Brainheart is now out with his first single for 2024 titled How To Live. This new anthem about the human spirit and reaching one’s goals features the vocals of Lord & Land and is the first collaboration between the two artists. Brainheart came onto the scene strong with the 2019 release of his debut single Explore The World featuring the vocals of his sister who goes under the fitting moniker Sis. Explore The World has garnered millions of streams and Brainheart has not let up since its debut releasing over a dozen singles as well as the EP titled The Strange Kids in 2022. Brainheart – How To Live (Ft Lord & Land) puts on a clinic on how to continuously build up excitement across the different sections of a song.

How To Live opens with a beautiful mix of a fast-looping hand pan motif combined with vamping block piano chords. The verse section begins to build the excitement of the track with the soulful vocals from Lord & Land immediately grabbing your attention. Midway through the first verse a dry kick and snare drum groove is added taking the track up another level in intensity. Following the song’s first verse, a pre-chorus continues the building process bringing anticipation into the mix with Brainheart’s addition of strumming overdriven guitars paired with the impressive falsetto vocals from Lord & Land. The anticipation setup by the pre-chorus leads to a satisfying drop of the song’s chorus section in which Brainheart unleashes a pumping sharp-toothed bass that will send the listener into euphoria. Lord & Land’s vocalizations and hooks during the chorus add an element of extreme catchiness throughout this period of high energy.

Following the chorus, the building process starts again and goes through the same rotation of verse, pre-chorus, and chorus as before giving the listener another round to enjoy the elation brought upon by each added layer. The joyride that is Brainheart – How To Live (Ft Lord & Land) comes to a quick end following its second chorus leaving the listener wanting more from this pairing. Brainheart has shown loyalty in the past by producing multiple tracks with vocalists that along with Sis also include, Anica, Dorel, and Brett Miller. We hope that trend continues with Lord & Land and that we will again be delighted by more collaborations from the two.

Stream Brainheart – How To Live on Spotify below!

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