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Artist Spotlight Paris Love-Child - EKM

As you are probably already aware, we rarely post Hip Hop and RnB music on EKM.CO. However, when we do, you know it is something fresh, new and solid for us to write a feature about it. Today, we’ve discovered someone that fits that description perfectly, an amazing female artist by the name of Paris Love-Child, that we believe is absolutely going to blow up very soon, and we are happy to share some of her work with you.

Paris Love-Child, the Portobello Princess, is a performer, a singer/songwriter, and a model. Her sound is very diversified, although the core of her music is always Hip Hop and RnB, she also brings Trap, Techno/House, Latin, Pop, Breaks and, most of all, some dope gangsta vibes. Her flow is always tight, she delivers catchy hooks and she can not only Rap (and by rap, I mean she is straight up killin’ it), but she is also a fantastic RnB singer.

Artist Spotlight Paris Love-Child - Bench - EKM


You might be looking at the next famous female rapper, right now, right before her career takes off and takes her to the top! Remember where you heard about her first!

Stream Paris Love-Child latest releases below.

Our favorites: Brass Band Bitches“, “Stay Winning” and “Drop it“.


More about Paris:

Paris Love-Child is upon us.

The performer, the singer/songwriter, the model, the Portobello Princess has joined the dots and finally released the dragon.

The boundaries are deliciously blurred but everything is coming together Paris style. Sort of. More surprises than rules.

No mercy in the world of PL-C where things rhyme and your senses are dressed up and then assaulted. You will have fun, there is no other option.
Some music comes first.

After that, very soon after that, it will be 2019. The phenomenal Paris Love-Child has a big year coming. Don’t be late.


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