Friends In Paris – When Your Heart Is A Stranger [Remixes]

Friends In Paris

Friends In Paris are the genre-hopping, Anglo-Australasian pop duo who, even though they are separated by rather large patch of the world (London and Perth to be precise), still find a way to meld a myriad of winning sounds.

Their curious mix of futuristic bass and soulful, vocal led harmonies have been winning the pair fans worldwide – and even finding this release being used on a huge US hit TV show. Their slow burn hit, “When Your Heart Is A Stranger” gets the remix treatment twice: FLYES dials up the energy levels with his jagged electronic take. Elsewhere, Faisal pops off with a more downtempo hip hop edit with 808s and plucked strings working with some tidy vocal chops.

Both remixes are out now and available from Sony Music Belgium – stream Friends In Paris – “When Your Heart Is A Stranger” (Remixes) from here.