Setting The Mood With Music: The Perfect Playlist

Setting the mood is fairly easy. But it’s not a bad idea to try a new approach. Foreplay can be twice as amazing for her and for you with this tip. MUSIC! It’s been a lifesaver for me and it may be for you as well. And trust me, you’ll remember that time you two had some fun under the sheets while listening to that dope ass song by (insert name here) __________
So let’s get right to it! My personal favorite tracks to hear in the background while (well, you know)…

Tokimonsta– The World Is ours
This song is beyond beautiful. It has some amazing lyrics and a flow that is perfect for setting the mood. It’s soft piano and a very eclectic sound. A great start to your sexy time playlist haha!

Every playlist should have a final track that makes the moment more than memorable. For that I bring you On & On by MajesticCasual regular Snakeships! The amazing vocals from George Maple will make every single touch memorable. Every kiss during this song will be filled with much emotion. Take my advice, use this track!

And there you have it. My personal favorite tracks for setting the mood. Play them, enjoy each others company, maybe light a candle or two, and let your love take over. I really hope you all enjoy this playlist!