Guitari teams up w/ Cory Cavazos & iLL Gates on “Elon’s Musk”

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Ari Joshua, under his alias Guitari, just teamed up with Cory Cavazos & iLL Gates on the deep and enigmatic new track Elon's Musk

South African-born and currently US-based guitarist, songwriter, and session musician Ari Joshua is out with a new project under the moniker Guitari. The project has just released its first track titled Elon’s Musk and in Joshua’s own words, it is a fantastical voyage that merges the realms of synthwave and bass music with an almost ethereal touch. Collaborating on the track alongside Joshua is Canadian-born and also currently US-based producer iLL Gates, along with multi-instrumentalist Cory Cavasos providing multiple layers of cello on the track. Guitari, Cory Cavazos & iLL Gates – Elon’s Musk is quite the attention grabber from this new project that combines both classic and current sounds with mind-etching results.

Elon’s Musk opens with a bouncing tape-delayed synth lead that is very reminiscent of Space Intro by The Steve Miller Band which precedes their classic hit track Fly Like An Eagle. An eclectic and distant-sounding drum groove follows the synth lead open and quickly transitions into the track’s full sound with a dense lo-fi drum groove on top of a throbbing bass drone, orchestral string chords, and a crystallized synth bell lead melody. Next, the bell synth takes a supportive role behind a new analog lead synth melody with fast portamento that quickly arpeggiates a few rounds before the synth bells return to the front with a newer more intense melody. What sticks out during this passage of the synth bells melody is the cello counter melody provided by Cavasos which brings on an extra layer of ear candy in head nodding fashion.

At the song’s midpoint, we get a frantic change of direction as the opening tape-delayed lead synth returns now accompanied by the eclectic drum groove that followed it in the song’s introduction. The lead synth quickly makes way for various droid-like sound design that next leads to an orchestral breakdown section featuring Cavasos at its forefront. Multiple cello layers fill this breakdown section from fast-moving bowed cello vamps to a pizzicato-plucked melody. The orchestral breakdown segment ends as another round of the fast arpeggiating analog synth returns before making its way back to the main synth bell melody for a final passage. This time, the bell synth’s melody is accompanied by both the cello counter melody and the fast-moving cello vamp from the breakdown section.

Guitari, Cory Cavazos & iLL Gates – Elon’s Musk comes to a close by returning once more to its opening tape-delayed analog lead synth fading its way into nothing. The track is currently available for streaming and is also the first release by Joshua to include an Atmos spatial audio mix. Elon’s Musk will stick with you following the first listen with its captivating mix of instruments and melodies from all contributors. It’s a great start for this new project and we are highly anticipating what else is to come from Guitari.

Stream Guitari, Cory Cavazos & iLL Gates – Elon’s Musk on Spotify below!

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