Left/Right & DAVDCASE unveil the mesmerizing “Aversion”

The new LeftRight & DAVDCASE 2024 song Aversion brings a mesmerizing Future Garage sound for fans of music like Bicep and Overmono.
The new LeftRight & DAVDCASE 2024 song Aversion brings a mesmerizing Future Garage sound for fans of music like Bicep and Overmono.

If you enjoy music like Bicep and Overmono and other similar artists, it’s also likely that you will enjoy this brand new Left/Right & DAVDCASE 2024 song. It’s a synth-heavy Future Garage track called Aversion, and it’s certainly one for those who like lyrics that differ slightly from the norm, with the artists describing its overarching theme as “anti-Valentine’s Day”. This is not to say that the track is depressing or dull, however; in fact Left/Right & DAVDCASE – Aversion is both evocative and upbeat, and as such is bound to get your pulse racing and feet tapping. 

Left/Right & DAVDCASE – Aversion starts as it means to go on, making its lyrical message abundantly clear with a vocal that confesses “don’t wanna want you / why do I want you back?”. These passionately delivered lines are accompanied by a sultry, subtle bass line and a retro-sounding melody that introduces flavors of Future Garage. Later, after a tense and seductive build-up, the track morphs into semi-electronica, its percussion becoming more distorted and machine-like, and its synth lines becoming higher and more insistent. The vocal line repeats throughout and also seems to become more insistent and catchy as the track progresses.

Where the greatest comparisons can be drawn between this new Left/Right & DAVDCASE 2024 song and music like Bicep and Overmono, meanwhile, is in its atmospheric production. Clear influences drawn from genres like Rave contribute to this, with the artists behind Aversion giving the track a feeling of liberation by allowing the track’s melodies some space to breathe, and subsequently creating an undertone of dark euphoria. 

In short, Left/Right & DAVDCASE – Aversion is an upbeat, atmospheric song with an anti-love message. It can primarily be classed as a Future Garage song but is lent a little extra depth by the fact the artists have incorporated elements of Rave and Electronica in there too. It’s a truly potent combination, and we’re certainly looking forward to hearing more from these two artists in the future. 

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