Noizu returns with new certified banger “Acid Rain” with Madge

The new 2024 Noizu & Madge song Acid Rain brings a dark, banging and epic new Tech House sound to Insomniac Records.
The new 2024 Noizu & Madge song Acid Rain brings a dark, banging and epic new Tech House sound to Insomniac Records.

Noizu has dropped his first single for 2024 featuring the vocal stylings of fellow Los Angelino, Madge, titled Acid Rain. This new single is released under the Insomniac Records label which oversaw previous Noizu releases that include the heavy hitter of a Tech House track Middle, an EP in collaboration with Dombresky and Reblok titled Revival, and the more recent dark, catchy, and sexy track Push To Start which was in collaboration with Westend and featured NO/ME. This new 2024 Noizu & Madge song is captivating and charged and vibes like the classic Benny Benassi track Satisfaction with its mix of unique spoken word vocals and driving rhythmic leads.

Noizu – Acid Rain (ft Madge) opens with a bouncing bass over a beat consisting of kick drum hits on the beat and hi-hats on the off beats. The full recitation of the spoken word phrase performed by Madge and their unique youthful voice is also established right from the start. You will hear this vocal drop replicated in many forms and edits throughout the song’s entirety. Throughout the track, the sonic focus alternates between the spoken word drops and fast rhythmic bass and drum hits that mimic automatic weapon fire. Additional ear candy in the form of electrical flares and swells also accompany the two focuses as they are featured over the steady bouncing bass, kick drum, and hi-hat groove.

Following a couple of rounds of back and forth between the two sonic focuses, the kick drum drops out as the focuses come together to produce an intense riser over an elevating lead synth melody. The riser culminates with the rhythmic focus firing all that it has down to nothing until the vocal focus returns and leads the track back to the drop of the full beat for one final round to bring the new 2024 Noizu & Madge song to its conclusion. Once again we are left nodding in approval for a Noizu release in conjunction with Insomniac Records. Noizu – Acid Rain (ft Madge) should make its presence felt throughout the year and beyond whether it is on the dance floor or used in soundtracks.

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