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The mysterious French crew Makoto San translates the vibrations of a volcano into an organic Techno sound on their new song Fuji, released via Chinese Man Records. The self-described Ceremonial Techno band evokes focus and ruminative vibes with a minimalist blend of Japanese traditional percussion and electrifying tension of Berlin Techno school.

Since Japanese drumming is also a very theatrical and visuals-centered art form, Makoto San, known for their conceptual and live music videos, accompany their new release with visuals that feature the masked musicians playing the instruments in a light hall with interior that reminds a school for martial arts. However, instead of the nunchucks or bō staffs, mallets and bachis are used to extract texturized and colorful sounds from idiosyncratic percussion instruments made by Makoto Yabuki, founder of the Marseille Bamboo Orchestra.

The Techno side of Makoto San’s organic Techno sound does not yield to the percussive one. The rubbery bassline on the new Makoto San & Chinese Man Records song floats like a feather through the blank spaces of the mix. Yet, the weightiness it emits creates a tension that makes one stick to the song and listen to its every detail. The thin and lush pads complement and add up to the mysteriousness that comes from the melodies of tonal percussion. As the pressure reaches its peak, a gritty synth progression enters the scene, giving a sense of acceleration to the otherwise steady pace of the song.

Nonetheless, Makoto San – Fuji stays completely organic through its entire duration. Perhaps, thanks to the usage of analog electronic instruments, the naturalness of it becomes something that’s built into the very foundation of the quartets’ music. Add the exceptional mixing and mastering quality, and you get one of the more unique sounds on the contemporary Techno scene.

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