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Immerse yourself into the tranquil world of early morning daydreaming with the new meditative Sina Bathaie & Hoomidaas Records song and music video High Bridge. The new track of Toronto-based Iranian producer & multi-instrumentalist features live Handpan looping combined with deep melodic electronic sounds. The mesmerizing combination results in almost a therapeutic effect.

A professional santur and oud player, Sina Bathaie is very well familiar with traditional instruments. However, on High Bridge, his playing style is very strict and unorthodox for the instrument that usually hypnotizes its listener with a continuous sequence of tones. It seems like this is an intentional choice, since oversaturating the mix with organic sound would result in it sounding unbalanced. Luckily, Sina Bathaie – High Bridge is all about balance and harmony.

The pacifying effect of the live handpan looping is being augmented with minimalistic choices on the instrumental, that, thanks to the careful pacing and clean sound, don’t leave any empty spaces on the track. As a result, the new Sina Bathaie & Hoomidaas Records song and music video breathes with harmony both, emotionally and melodically. This is true not only in terms of balancing the electronic and organic components, but also in terms of general vibes of the track, which are aimed at eliminating any kind of anxiety, distraction and hostility.

High Bridge culminates in a very soft and colorful synth key sequence with notes that have tiny duration and texture that feels like speckling of the sun on the surface of a lake. As the song finishes, its soothing effect persists along with the uplifted mood, making it an excellent soundtrack to start your day with.

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