Hulk – Work it (feat Conscious Pilot) [DUBSTEP]

Hulk is a collaboration of Claw & Richie August (if you didn’t know), two creative minds that share a similar production style and enthusiasm for heavy bass driven music. After meeting at the 2009 Winter Music Conference in Miami, they began to send files back and forth to collaborate on projects in Dubstep, Hip Hop and Electro. Since the inception, Hulk has been catching the eyes and ears of artists such as Reid Speed, Reso, Mark Instinct, Ultrablack, TrillBass, High Rankin and DJ Lord of Public Enemy, among others.

2010 saw Hulk’s first official release, dropping on Reid Speed’s Play Me
Records as a Beatport Exclusive. Forthcoming releases on Foulplay, Shift, and Play Me Records are already creating a buzz around the duo. What’s more, the recent launch of their own record label, BroTown Records has the scene begging for the slated releases to drop, featuring tunes by Vaski, Druley, Mark Instinct, Symbl, as well as tunes by Claw, Richie August, and Hulk themselves.

Whether in the studio or on the stage, get ready for the biggest bass in the game, as Hulk is here to SMASH!

Check their newest mix from Feb 2011 here

HULK – The Warbound by Hulk

And here’s the most recent vynil they released! WORK IT!

Hulk – Work it (feat Conscious Pilot)

and check out their Soundcloud, they have a few freebies in there!

Latest tracks by Hulk