Hard X Mouth Taped Shut – Deadmau5 Aural Psynapse Music Video

Happy New Years from the Electrokill Family! We have done a lot of big things this year, and I’ve just been happy to join along for the ride as a poster. This was my first year posting on Electrokill and I really hope I’ve brought many songs that you the readers loved, and hopefully introduced you to a new artist or two. You can expect even more effort to be put into the site over the new year, I’m trying to not let the Canadian posters have all the fun, I’m going to work hard to get an Electrokill presented show here in the states soon!

Now without further ado enjoy this awesome video featuring one of my favorite last releases of the year. I will be doing a “my favorite EDM songs of the year” post tomorrow or Sunday so keep a look out for that soon, I will have downloads for you guys of course! Have a good New Year and stay tuned. As always continue to share us and spread word about us, the bigger we get, the better we can get for you!

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