Turbine drops next-level official music video for “Bounce That”

Turbine is a trio whose members are united by a deep love for turntablism and Bass House music. All three members – Ben, Tony, and Nico – had at least ten years experience of DJing behind them when they met in Montreal and decided to form their collective a few years ago, their experience evidenced by the fact they ranked 4th place in the DMC World DJ Championships in 2022. Now they’re hitting turntables everywhere with their fifth single release and an official music video for Turbine – Bounce That, and it’s a great mix of high-octane bass grooves and mind-bending vocal samples with an effective and dramatic official video to boot.

The track begins with a stab of synth and the sound of a machine whirring into life, before unleashing its main vocal hook “hey girl, just bounce that” in various manipulated forms. By around 30 seconds in you can tell Turbine are building up to something big, and sure enough when the drop hits, it’s made up of more of that infectious vocal sample, insistent percussion atmospheric sounds and a scratchy lead synth melody that’s sure to be kicking round in your head for days. The track then settles for a second, drawing the listener’s attention to a heavily filtered bass synth and a slower-paced but extended version of the main vocal, before lifting itself to stratospheric heights again with an increased feeling of intensity and yet more layers of that main sample.

We’ve covered two Turbine releases here at EKM in the past, Reality and Mind Control, both of which showcase this trio’s love for turntablism and Bass House music just as much as Turbine – Bounce That does. We also love the Turbine official music video for this track, which shows Ben, Tony and Nico doing what they do best (DJing, of course) whilst floating through dark, moody surroundings that are occasionally lit up by a flash of purple lightning. Directed by a creator who calls themselves Fool, it’s a video that really does justice to this impactful and electrifying track.

Watch the official Turbine – Bounce That music video on YouTube below!

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