VANES unveils captivating Trance House album “Red Illusions”

VANES unveiled his album Red Illusions which tells the artist's story over the last 2 years with his trademark Trance House music sound.
VANES unveiled his album Red Illusions which tells the artist's story over the last 2 years with his trademark Trance House music sound.

VANES is the new Trance House music project from German DJ/Producer JVRDY. The project started in 2020 following a newfound love for Deep Progressive Trance music. The debut album from VANES is now out for 2023 and is titled Red Illusions. The album is autobiographical by detailing VANES developments and experiences over the last three years as he embarked on this sound that combines early classical music influences with the mind-etching melodies and motifs from Trance music along with the satisfying beats from House music. The VANES – Red Illusions album is a captivating first statement that blends all influences into a breath of fresh air for the electronic music world.

The album VANES – Red Illusions opens with the title track and immediately sets the tone for what’s to come as cinematic orchestral synths accompany a speedy 2-note Trance loop with changing chords that then transition to a powerful drop section that features a four on the floor kick drum and a new pumping synth focus. Following one passage through the drop section with just the kick drum setting the beat, the full House groove is then established bringing all influences together in a gratifying fashion. The tracks that follow Red Illusions on the eight-song album continue to show varying sides of this neoteric sound.

Highlights throughout the VANES – Red Illusions album include the third track titled Hear Me which combines all of the Trance House music elements established from the title track with an added extra layer of vocal clips that blend perfectly. The fourth track titled No Signs features an impressive riser that transitions out of a building orchestral breakdown section and culminates with an authoritative drop that will leave you nodding your head in approval. The seventh track is titled Want To Fly and it includes a fun bouncing synth accompaniment over a soft linear melody during its drop sections. Want To Fly also includes an inspirational spoken word breakdown section that leads to the final drop section that will give the listeners goosebumps. Way Home is the final track on the album and like Hear Me it features a vocal clip focus as an added layer where once again all elements work so well together leaving a lasting impression on the listeners to anticipate more releases to come from VANES and his trademark Trance House music sound.

Stream VANES – Red Illusions (Album) on Spotify below!

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