Eskei83 released his festival intro “THE CHAMP IS HERE (VIP)”!

Eskei83 released his festival Jump Up DnB intro song
Eskei83 released his festival Jump Up DnB intro song" THE CHAMP IS HERE (VIP)" and it has also been selected by RAMPAGE Festival 2024!

If you’re a fan of DJs with an intense performance style and a knack for mixing it up when it comes to the genres they operate in, the likelihood is that German artist Eskei83 is already on your radar. Born Sebastian Koenig in Dresden, he started making beats on his computer when he was 15, finding himself inspired by the likes of DJ Premier, Z-Trip, and Hedspin. Twenty-five years later he finds himself poised to take over the world of Dance music, and his key weapon right now is surely his latest release Eskei83 – THE CHAMP IS HERE (VIP), a festival Jump Up DnB intro song that has been chosen as the RAMPAGE festival personal artist intro for 2024.

Clocking in at just two minutes and eighteen seconds, the track is pure hype from start to finish, kicking off with some huge, dramatic drums and alarm-like synths that signal its arrival. Soon a voice echoes out over the music – “Ladies and gentlemen, this is about to get crazy” – and instantly you can imagine both seasoned festival goers and newbies to the scene getting ready to leap into the air, anticipating the track’s drop. The build-up continues until about halfway through; at this point an impassioned vocal cry of “Put your hands in the motherf*cking air!” can be heard, and then the full force of the drop is unleashed, with a relentless rhythm pounding mercilessly away behind a buoyant, energetic melody. The festival crowds are surely going to go wild.

If you’re looking for an upbeat hype track to get you through these dark and cold days, or if you just want to familiarise yourself with a new festival Jump Up DnB intro song, then Eskei83 – THE CHAMP IS HERE (VIP) is a song for you. Make sure to listen out for it when it’s used as the RAMPAGE festival personal artist intro in 2024, but if you can’t wait until then be sure to check out some of the artist’s other material that we’ve covered here at EKM in the past, including the solo track G-SH!T, collaborative Trap House banger Like This, and remixes Want Me (Show Me Love), Hip Hop and Star Walkin.

Stream Eskei83 – THE CHAMP IS HERE (VIP) on Spotify below!

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