15 Free Festival Bootlegs of the Summer!

If you attend EDM festivals this summer, chances are you hear tons of bootlegs! Most of the big DJs create their own bootlegs of popular EDM tracks so that it doesn’t sound like everyone is playing the same music (even if at some festivals they kinda are). It can be adding a pop vocal on a more “underground” instrumental or simply replacing the drop with another one, I always like to hear what kind of bootlegs artists will come up with!
Since I know many of you guys are DJing, I have a great little collection of 15 bootlegs you can download for free, some you might have heard at EDC. Big thanks to Landis and Dimitri Wouters for these great edits!


Click HERE download the pack
S.O.T.U vs. Bazooka (Landis Bounce Edit)
Rambo vs. Blurred Lines (Landis Bounce Edit)
Do it Like That vs. NRG (Landis Bounce Edit)
Blazin vs. Cry Just A Little (Landis Bounce Edit)
Rockin vs. Hell Yeah (Landis Edit)
When I Say Go vs. Impact (Landis Quick Edit)
Paris vs. Bang(Landis Quick Edit)
Lovers On The Sun (Landis Bootleg)
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