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Elliot Gleave, more commonly known to the world as Example, just released the dramatic DnB festival anthem Never Let You Down with Kanine & Penny Ivy. A vivid and theatrical ballad, it includes storytelling by the Australian singer/songwriter Penny Ivy and Example over the hyperdetailed D&B instrumental by the UK D&B prodigy, Kanine. The long-awaited new Example & Kanine collaboration is most likely to become one of the definitive songs to bring major electronic music festivals in the UK and worldwide back to life during the post-pandemic 2022.

Proven to be one of the most versatile DnB producers, it still amazes how Kanine is able to switch from something dark and aggressive like Lighter Crew to a song like Never Let You Down. His production sounds big and cinematic on the track. Although, this scope makes sense if you take into account his interview, where he mentioned Prodigy and Pendulum as some of his earliest inspirations. Yet, full of acoustic sounds, orchestration, and space, his production never gets in the way of Penny Ivy’s or Example’s vocals. While Elliot gives the listener a context and sense of place by throwing metaphors and references through the song, Kanine amplifies the emotions with his flawless production.

Despite the farewell vibes, Never Let You Down is a song full of life and playful energy. Elliot, according to his own words, wrote it with the help of his wife. A fact that actually explains the operetta-esque and slightly lighthearted impression the storytelling gives. And there’s nothing odd to this kind of approach — indeed it would be strange if a DnB festival anthem had a dead-serious and depressive tone to it. Above all else, in a period of hope scarcity, this new Example & Kanine song is a much-needed medicine.

Stream Example & Kanine & Penny Ivy – Never Let You Down on YouTube below!

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