KANINE Interview + New Anthem ‘KICKONS’ on CRUCAST

Kanine Thrills the DnB Fans With His Latest Release 'KICKONS'

One of DnB’s biggest star of the moment, Kanine, just dropped another anthem! With his fresh and irresistible brand of music, he gained the attention of pretty much everyone on the DnB music scene. Hailing from London, United Kingdom, he is most popular for his tracks ‘Want You,’ ‘What I Said’ and ‘Your Love.’ All of these songs have unsurprisingly received millions of hits on both Soundcloud and Spotify. 2019 was huge for him and 2020 is already looking like it will surpass that. In February, Kanine was featured on Rene LaVice’s BBC Radio 1 show where he dropped an explosive 30-minute mix. CRUCAST has now shared his latest tune, ‘KICKONS.’ This song is an auditory feast for all drum and bass music fans.

Kanine’s releases are always exciting and his latest track, ‘KICKONS’ is no exception. He polished this track masterfully with clattering melodies. It is driven by a punchy bassline and lethal drum patterns that add an extra oomph to the mix. Upon listening to the song, you will be surprised how brilliantly he has fused different elements together to produce this hard-hitting banger. He has enveloped the track very cautiously to maintain the laden atmosphere as well as the jaunty melody.

‘KICKONS’ by Kanine is equipped with propulsive starry synth and a faintly warping bassline. It feels like a ravishing journey with a clever unification of drums and hi-hats that gives you spine-tingling sensations. This is a hard-edged track with rumbling beat and driving bassline that will definitely capture your attention.

Kanine showcases his skills in his latest track ‘KICKONS’ which proves just how incredibly talented he is at what he does. The song features unique percussive elements that supplement an astonishing reverberation to it. It is an intriguing song that will, without a doubt, kick the adrenaline rush in your body. It has heart-pounding resonant energy that will absolutely have you “keep on moving!”

Check out our interview with Kanine:

1- What is the first DnB song you ever heard?

The first one I can remember was Sunking – State Of Mind. I must’ve been about 14 when I heard it get played off someone’s Nokia at school. Was hooked on finding out more about what this type of music was. I only ended actually finding out what the track was called many years later.

2- How did you get into DnB and ended up producing and Djing?

I started really getting into music from people like Pendulum, Noisia and The Prodigy in my teens through finding music on YouTube. My first experience into the raving side of dnb started from going to music festivals and sneaking into clubs when I was 16. I have an older brother so I used to take his ID and sneak out to raves in London. The first proper rave I went to was a Ram Records night at Fabric in 2013, I think it was the Valentine’s Day special with a stacked lineup and a 3 hour Andy C set. Never stopped listening to dnb since. When I turned 18 I started messing around with FL Studio and virtual DJ, just did it for fun on the side while I was at studying at college and through university. Never thought that one day it’d end up going as far as it has!

3- Who is your biggest inspiration / influence? And why?

I have lots of influences and people I look up to. I’m lucky enough to now be working with or friends with a lot of them. Big shouts to A.M.C, he really inspired and helped me when I was first getting noticed. At the time was doing okay in the jump up scene but hadn’t really made a name for myself yet – Alex (AMC) had been hitting me up for tracks and we got speaking about doing a release for his label Titan Recs. I put out a 4 track EP out on Titan and he got me on the Titan Records stage at Let It Roll 2017. This was really inspiring for me and my music because until then I’d never really played any shows or worked with anyone outside of the jump up scene. Performing at an event like Let It Roll for the first time definitely opened my eyes to what I could be as an artist and what direction I was doing to take in the future. 

4- What do you personally consider to be the incisive moments in your artistic career?

I’d say releasing The Shadows first kicked off my career in the UK, that helped get me shows and my name in people’s mouths. Then when I released Want You that’s my first track that went global and things have been crazy since

5- What single night out has been the most memorable for you? As a DJ? As an attendee?

That first rave at FABRIC was definitely up there but I’ve been to lots of wicked nights as a punter. I still see myself as a raver, even when writing music I’m always thinking what I’d want to hear get dropped in a rave.

6- What do you usually start with when preparing for a set?

I’ll always try and build a set around the intro, my main tracks and then the final track. Everything in between just has to be pure energy

7- What is one mistake you see a lot of up and coming producers/DJs making? / What advice would you give to aspiring producers/Djs?

I have 2 main pieces of advice. Firstly don’t feel the need to release music when you first start. It might feel like you want to get yourself out there and promote yourself but it’s better to focus on making your music better and worry about getting shows and promoting yourself later on. Secondly, don’t sign exclusive to labels. It happens a lot these days when a new producer will sign to a label then get stuck there and not progress. Work with labels of course, but don’t sign exclusively to them because you should never underestimate how far you can go.

8- Where do you think the DnB scene is headed? One year from now? Five years from now?

I think it’s only going to get bigger and better from here. There is so much amazing music coming out from every corner of the scene I can see dnb having a very bright future ahead.

9- If you could eternally be stuck in one year’s music scene, which year would it be?

Tough one but I’ll always have a soft spot for all the music that came out in 2013. I loved the dark Playaz sound that was popping off at the time from producers like Annix, Majistrate, Sub Zero and Pleasure. There were some massive dancefloor albums that dropped that year too like Wilkinson’s Lazers Not Included and Sub Focus’s Torus.

10- If you could collaborate with one music producer (alive or dead), who would it be?

Obvious pick but has to be Noisia.

11- Name one thing that you love about the DnB scene?

The energy. I’m a massive fan of other types of electronic music but you can’t top the buzz at a dnb rave

12- Name one thing that bugs you about the DnB scene?

People thinking rollers are a subgenre.

13- What is your opinion regarding the difference between old school DJing where everything was restricted to vinyl and modern DJing where most tracks are never put on any physical medium before or after release?

Vinyl was way before my day so I can’t really say much. I think the current streaming based model has its ups and downs but I think it’s a good thing on the whole – music has never been so easily accessible.

14– What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear/play it?

Any track on Camo & Krooked’s Mosaik album: a criminally underrated album that I will never get bored of listening to.

15- Are you planning on doing more livestreams?

Yes! I decided not to leave my last one online as it had a lot of unfinished music in it. Will be doing another one soon so don’t miss it.

16- What is a day like in the life of KANINE during the lockdown?

Coffee, studio, walk dog, watch livestreams, think about festival season, cry about festival season being cancelled, repeat.

Stream ‘KICKONS’ on Spotify below and grab your copy HERE!

More About Kanine:

Supported by some of the biggest and most influential names in Drum & Bass, the young Londoner known as Kanine is living up to his potential and developing into a headline act with a long career ahead of him. Originally recognised as one of the leading names in the new wave of Jump Up producers that have helped force the sound into the mainstream, his sound is evolving all the time as he moves towards being one of the more versatile artists in the 175 BPM range.

In 2019 Kanine released more than 10 original productions on labels including Shogun, CruCast, Playaz and UKF. He’s collaborated with the likes of Friction, Annix, Turno, Killa P and P Money, explored the widest range of styles in his career to date and also set up his own UNLEASHED imprint, on which Kanine has releases some of his most accomplished and experimental music to date.  

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