Elegie drops epic Techno remix of The Irrepressibles “In This Shirt”

Elegie dropped a dark, driving and epic 2024 Melodic House & Techno remix of The Irrepressibles hit song In This Shirt.
Elegie dropped a dark, driving and epic 2024 Melodic House & Techno remix of The Irrepressibles hit song In This Shirt.

Elegie is releasing a second tribute song in memory of her beloved pet English Bulldog named Edgy who passed away two years ago on April 17, 2022. This new Elegie 2024 track is a Melodic Techno & House remix of The Irrepressibles – In This Shirt. Exactly a year ago on the 1st anniversary of Edgy’s passing, Elegie released the first of her tribute songs with an emotional remix of Running To The Sea by Royksopp and Susanne Sundfor. Now for this next tribute, Elegie has remixed the hit song by The Irrepressibles titled In This Shirt which debuted in 2010. The original featured the impassioned vocals of front man Jamie Irrepressible over a pipe organ accompaniment that repeats the same chord progression throughout the entirety of the song as a chamber orchestra provides depth alongside it.

The Irrepressibles – In This Shirt (Elegie Remix) is a fitting tribute to Edgy as the original vocals remain with its iconic opening statement of heartache brought on by losing a loved one that is now accompanied by the powerful Techno music stylings of Elegie. It opens with an atmospheric synth drone accompanied by another moving sequencing synth as the original vocals from Jamie Irrepressible take center stage. The introduction continues to build as swelling orchestral drones are added to the mix along with the addition of back-and-forth tribal drums and melodic percussive synth motifs. At the remix’s two-minute mark, the introduction climaxes as the beat drops with a four-on-the-floor kick drum and a sixteenth-note bass loop as the melodic percussive synth motif continues above it while various ambiance also develops around it.

At the breakdown section following the first round of the track’s compelling full groove, a solo bass synth can be heard teasing the repeated pipe organ part from the original version of the song. The tease doesn’t last long as the breakdown section builds back up to another drop of the full energy. Now with the beat back, that original pipe organ progression that is still in synth bass form is now the featured accompaniment to the groove along with continuing percussive synth counter melodies. A second breakdown section features Jamie Irrepressible’s vocals one last time before making way for a final passage of Elegie’s riveting groove. Elegie’s 2024 remix of The Irrepressibles – In This Shirt is now available to be streamed and since we are great admirers of Elegie’s music we also recommend checking out other Melodic Techno & House tracks of hers that include a remix of Born Slippy by Underworld, as well as two original songs she produced in Neblina and Infinite Wonder.

Stream The Irrepressibles – In This Shirt (Elegie Remix) on SoundCloud below!

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