Röyksopp & Susanne Sundfør – Running To The Sea (Elegie Remix)

It took sorrowing circumstances none of us ever want to have to go through to inspire a great new remix of a classic Röyksopp track. On April 17th, 2022 those circumstances happened to be the death of hypnotic and Melodic Techno music producer Elegie’s beloved pet English Bulldog Edgy. With that inspiration, Elegie has brought forth on the one-year anniversary of Edgy’s passing an emotional and scientific-sounding Melodic House & Techno remix of the 2013 Röyksopp & Susanne Sundfør song Running To The Sea. This new Elegie 2023 remix is a peak-time Melodic Techno banger that takes a dark turn from the original.

The track starts with a roomy kick drum beating over an electrical-sounding filtered monotone loop. Chilling reverberated vocalized melodies hover over this opening pulse. These vocalizations do not appear to be sampled from Sundfør’s original vocals which do come later in the track. After a minute of an electrifying buildup followed by a short breakdown, the fully satisfying House groove drops while the newly produced haunting vocalized melodies continue. At the two-minute mark, the kick drops out leaving just the electric loop along with some spectral cinematic-sounding sub-drops to accompany the first entrance of Sundfør’s original vocals. However, the original vocals are just a tease. Following just a short phrase of them the track then returns back to the previously established House groove.

A fuller representation of the original vocals occurs shortly after the reestablished House groove. This time, all of the accompaniment drops out to hear Sundfør’s muse-like vocals. The only sounds heard aside from the lyrics at this point are quick and satisfying synthetic flutters on the downbeat of every other measure. The newly produced vocalized counter melody mixes in well with the original vocals during this portion as well.

Soon after a fast-moving arpeggio joins in with the singing. The new arpeggio sounds like something that would be playing in the background of a video presentation during science class. The arpeggio soon evolves transitioning to a build-up section as the original vocals have completed their iconic chorus. The build-up then releases with one final quote of the original vocals before the House beat drops again. This time the beat combines itself in a vibrant but serious fashion with the previous build-up section.

The track comes to an end with one final establishment of the opening groove. It again continues to include the ghostly voicings and sound effects from before. As a whole, the new 2023 Röyksopp & Susanne Sundfør – Running To The Sea Melodic House & Techno remix by Elegie is an intense journey that well represents the process of mourning. Yet, despite the dark overtones, the track is very catchy to where this peak-time Melodic Techno banger shall be well represented in the clubs in 2023 and beyond.

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