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The new Drinkurwater & Kannibalen 2023 song Night Time brings an emotional & Trancy Melodic Dubstep sound with savage Riddim drops!
The new Drinkurwater & Kannibalen 2023 song Night Time brings an emotional & Trancy Melodic Dubstep sound with savage Riddim drops!

If you’re on the lookout for some savage riddim drops and emotional and Trancy melodic Dubstep right now, your first port of call should definitely be Drinkurwater – Night Time, the new EP from German-born, Atlanta-based producer whose real name is Kevin Flum. Having released a slew of well-received singles including breakthrough hit OH F*CK back in 2019, this debut EP from the artist has been hotly anticipated ever since, and by our estimations, it seriously lives up to the hype.

Kicking off with the new Drinkurwater and Kannibalen 2023 song – the EP’s title track no less – listeners are immediately immersed in the artist’s signature aggressive Dubstep sound, with the song’s drops featuring metallic clangs, heavy beats, and hyperactive synthesizers. It’s the truly devastating sound of emotional and Trancy melodic Dubstep, and as such is sure to bring Drinkurwater new fans hailing from far and wide, as well as cater to his pre-existing audience. 

As for the rest of the EP, it’s all savage Riddim drops and atmospheric production, making Drinkurwater a producer who certainly knows what his audiences want. Beam Talk starts off with a ghostly build-up framed by electronic hisses and gently arpeggiating synth patterns before blowing up into a colossal heavy Dubstep track. Third track Stoopid, meanwhile, brings some more complex melodies to the proceedings, whilst Fire to the Roof (the EP’s lead single) makes for a no holds barred closing track that unleashes its powerful energy and aggression on its listeners for its entire three-and-a-half-minute run time.

Essentially this is an EP that has set Drinkurwater’s unique sound in stone – particularly when it comes to the new Drinkurwater and Kannibalen 2023 song (and also the EP’s title track) Night Time.

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Stream Drinkurwater – Night Time on Spotify below!

Stream the Drinkurwater – Night Time EP on Spotify below!

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