Apashe & Vladimir Cauchemar – RIP (Music Video)

The Earth falls victim to the forces of greed, division, and inaction in the new Apashe & Vladimir Cauchemar music video for their brand new song RIP. The signature baroque and classical-inspired orchestration of Apashe meets the ominous EDM Trap of Vladimir Cauchemar on RIP, the sound of which perfectly fits the cinematic epicness of the music video.

After the VIP version of his 2015 classic I’m A Dragon, this is Apashe’s second release in 2022. Both of the tracks seem to mark a significant step forward for the Belgium-born and Montreal-based producer in terms of production and songwriting. Apashe & Vladimir Cauchemar – RIP sounds polished and detailed in a way only multi-million dollar budget movie soundtracks can sound. This isn’t surprising — Apashe is known for his sound design for various AAA video game titles, as well as trailers for Marvel & Netflix. At the same time, compared to his spiky and mechanical instrumental on the collaboration Insane with Tech N9ne or the stomping, Scott Storch-style Trap-influenced Work with former G-unit member Young Buck, RIP switches its focus to the acoustic components of the track.

For almost a minute and a half, RIP builds itself as an exclusively orchestral piece. The flute phrases sprinkle the insanely huge brass hits with gorgeous high-frequencies, the cellos and strings add up to the intensity as the main melody played on the organ marches on over all of this. Once the beat drops, all the elements from the intro start revolving around it, swirling, synching with the bass and drums, disappearing and reappearing during the transitions.

And the editing on the new Apashe & Vladimir Cauchemar music video synchs with the progressive instrumental so well one may think the piece is specifically written for an already shot sequence. Capturing the zeitgeist and making a banger that can rock crowds during festivals at the same is a rare thing these days. The RIP music video does both, while managing to keep a balance between a sociopolitical statement and its entertaining qualities.

Check out the Apashe & Vladimir Cauchemar – RIP music video on YouTube below!

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