Dax – Joker Returns Gets A Dark Knight Inspired Music Video

The eccentric Canadian artist, better known as Dax rapper is back again with a hard-hitting banger called ‘JOKER RETURNS’. It is a follow-up of his previous track ‘Joker.’ His latest tune, Dax – JOKER RETURNS is an ominous song with a deep message that extends on the perils of cyberbullying. This dynamic rapper is definitely on a creative roll, as the track is not only masterfully produced, but this new Dax music also explores intricate and complex emotions linked to bullying. Brimming with forceful and aggressive rapping sections, the track comes together with intense lyrics. The complimenting Dax music video further amplifies the emotive undercurrent of the song.

This new Dax music is a grizzly and glowering cut that is driven by heavy-hitting rhythms and stinging vocals. The whole song has a thrilling spark that will enthrall the listeners with its ferocious beats. The track oscillates with thumping pulses and swaying rhythms while the graphic rap sections leave you stunned. The inspiring lyrics and dope flow display the true mettle of Dax rapper and his adeptness with the Hip Hop genre. Dax – JOKER RETURNS features frantic energy and a real synergy. This song is just as dope as his remix of, ‘WHATS POPPIN.’ 

The dramatic flair on Dax – JOKER RETURNS is accentuated by the crying and wailing sounds towards the culmination. The sound effects will definitely pull you into darker moods. This song simmers on energetic percussion that perfectly complements his vocalization and rap style. The articulated cadences glide over the driving rhythms, stirring synth and electronic pads to highlight the Hip Hop elements. Additionally, the visuals on the Dax music video aggravates that gut-wrenching feel into a highly destructive vibe. Dax’s rapping skills on ‘Faster’ featuring Tech N9ne were insane, and he truly transcend expectations in this rap delivery with edgy themes and bitter truths. 

The violently excruciating narrative with heavy instrumental arrangements will leave you high and dry in this Dax rapper delivery. The catchy and fierce hooks and sinister elements ignite an impassioned fierceness into the mix. On this new Dax music, the artist has laid his soul bare as he navigates the troubling impact of cyber abuse, bullying, and resulting suicidal ideation throughout the song. The compelling scenes in the Dax music video and the realistic lyricality of the rap sections will hold you in its clutches for a long, long time.

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More About Dax:

DAX was a talented basketball player growing up. He was named MVP at Sunrise Christian Academy during his senior season and later played for Casper College before heading to the University of Montana and eventually transferring to Newman University, Wichita, where he led the Heartland Conference in scoring with a 18.6 scoring average. He worked as a part-time janitor to help put himself through college. Before getting into music Dax was delivering spoken word poetry and motivational speeches. He narrowly survived a situation where his car blew up at a McDonalds drive-through.

Before graduating at Newman, Dax made a short music video of him rapping about Newman’s basketball team over a remix of Foster the People’s hit song “Pumped Up Kicks.” He released early songs like “Black In America”, “Hilly Hilly Hilly Clinton”, “The Basketball Song”, “My President Bad And Boujee”, but he didn’t really hit the limelight until February of 2017 when he rapped alongside Bhad Bhabie on “Cash Me Outside”.

He dropped some diss tracks towards RiceGum and Jake Paul and even Tory Lanez. At one point he was even set up to fight fellow YouTuber KSI in a boxing match. He’s shared that he has his sights set on a major label: “I want to be signed. I want to be a major label artist. I want to be at the Met Gala and fucking Grammys. I don’t want to chill in mediocrity. I’m going to get money regardless, but I need my impact on the world to be as big as it can.”

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